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Check out the schedule of amateur boxing events in the Adirondack Association for the next couple months. We try to update the list every few weeks or so. Please contact event organizers to confirm event times, ticket prices and potential match-ups.  Officials: please contact Chief of Officials Sue Winslow,, about assignments.

Amateur Boxing Meetings

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Sched​ule ​of Amateur Boxing Events​​​​

Good afternoon.  Hope all is well with everyone on our list.  Brad has been sending updates based on his conference calls with Mike McAtee at USA Boxing and the other LBC presidents around the country but thought it was time to send a summary update here. Officials:  please stay in touch with Sue Winslow, 518-744-0308, about next steps.

These are very difficult times for everyone and boxing has been significantly impacted along with everything else.  Local, national and international events are all on hold until at least after April 30th, as no sanctions many be entered - and no gyms open for training - until at least then.  We may hear that it will be longer than that for us as decisions to re-open parts of the economy will be based on local/state government recommendations and the State of New York is the center of the pandemic in the US.

Other important notes:

- The Adirondack LBC board will hold an online meeting coming up soon.  After testing the system, we will try to set up other video/audio conferencing meetings with membership to prepare for the return of local amateur boxing.  We want to get way out in front with planning for our next couple events so that we may all invest in making sure we have a successful return.  

- The Junior Olympic National Championships, originally scheduled in June, have been tentatively pushed back to mid-August.  The location will be Lubbock, TX and it will be an Open Registration tournament for all age divisions.  Recent tournaments have had Open Registration for PeeWee (8-10) and Youth (17-18) boxers, while Bantam (11-12), Intermediate (13-14) and Junior (15-16) boxers were required to qualify in their local LBC and Regional competitions.  Because there will not be enough time to hold LBC and Regional events leading up to the the Nationals this year, all age divisions will be Open Registration at the Nationals.

- The National Golden Gloves Championships have been moved back to August as well (dates are August 10-15).  We have not heard about rescheduled dates for the Buffalo (NYS) Golden Gloves - our path to the Nationals here in Upstate NY - yet.

- USA Boxing will likely hold its National Championships in December again, but the qualifying process/events - as well as any other national or international competitions to be scheduled - have not yet been confirmed.

- The 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo have been postponed to no later than summer 2021. Our 13 boxers previously identified will remain our Qualification Team unless they decide to turn pro. 

USA Boxing rolled out a new website on April 15th.  In addition to improving site viewing and navigation, they have included a Survival Guide for Gyms with ways to help keep boxing programs viable during these difficult times.  Please follow this link below for the latest from USA Boxing on our current circumstances, including resources for families, health and safety tips and the minutes of the local LBC leaders' conference calls with USA Boxing.

On behalf of the Adirondack LBC Board, we wish all you the best in these very difficult times.  We look forward to the return of amateur boxing and working with you again to give our kids the best opportunities our sport can uniquely provide.

Keep punching.

Paul Brown
Adirondack Association of USA Boxing


Amateur Boxing Meetings



The next meeting for the Adirondack Association Board and membership will be announced when LBC acitivties resume.

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